Two computers in different states share?

I would like to find a easy way for two computers to share files and documents while they reside in different states. I would like my partner to have access to my files and the same with me. Is there a system like NAS for us to store our files we want to share and be able to access the internet and tie into that storage? Thanks for your help.
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  1. Google VPN (virtual personal network) and look at the settings in your router and read the router manual. Beyond that I can't help.
  2. There are quite a free file storage and sharing online sites out there. Usually they give you something like 1gig of free storage space. You will need to setup a VPN to connect the 2 PCs directly through the internet, or you can setup an FTP site, which is a type of web server that you can connect to for storage.
  3. Try Hamachi. They got free version and its more than enough for your needs.
  4. Dropbox ( )

    Btw, Hamachi is a great solution too, as far as a VPN, but for this particular need, something more "targeted" seems more appropriate, and just easier. Having a secured, authenticated connection (be it in the form of Hamachi or other VPN solution, or just SSL) is certainly necessary, but it’s not sufficient, they only provide the "glue", whereas something like Dropbox provides a total solution. OTOH, if you want to share all kinds of resources and services, well beyond simple file and folder sharing, then something like Hamachi would probably make more sense.

    At least that’s the way I view it.
  5. Thankyou
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