AGP video not working on Dell GX270

I bought a refurbished mobo and installed it into my GX270.. Connecting the on-board VGA to my Dell 1704 monitor and it gave me a nice crisp signal and display. After a brief happy dance, I disconnected the VGA from the PC & monitor and installed the ATI Radeon 9200 256MB AGP 16X/8X/4X video card. Blank screen. I can't install the driver set without the card installed. The card box was new, unopened, and in original shrink wrap. The anti-mag bag for the card had not been opened. The driver CD was still sealed.

What next?
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  1. Gee, should I cross post to motherboards? Hello?
  2. Don't crosspost and don't bump.
  3. I tried the AGP card again. Without it, the Dell GX270 boots just fine, I get a nice display, and everything is fine. I went into Setup and made sure the video was set to automatic (my other choice was onboard). I installed the AGP card and nothing. So, is it possible that when the other mobo died it took the AGP card with it?
  4. I installed the Radeon 9200 in my old Gigabyte K8NS Pro mobo.Other than getting a warning the drivers weren't correct, it displayed beautifully on my daughters 21" LCD. I saw one article on the Dell site suggesting the onboard graphics (Intel) be disabled in Device Manager. Might as well try it. Suggestions?
  5. NO
    it should boot with low vga mode with the card in

    i remember something about the voltage of the agp slot

    something llike the newer agp 8x/16x ran at a different voltage than
    older agp 2x/4x agp so some newer agp wouldnt run on older slots

    i am going to research and get back to you
  6. try a bios update through Dell support if you havent updated already
    if you need the link let me know
  7. The most recent BIOS, A07, is installed. The AGP slot is an 8X/4X 1.5 volt slot per Dell. The monitor is getting a signal because the signal block that appears on the screen when the cable is disconnected. I'm getting frustrated.
  8. read this
    also this

    I recall something about compatibilty issues with Dell 1.5v slots
    I cant find where I read it
    It has been a little while

    I am not saying that is the answer
    But there is a good chance
  9. I've installed a new 400 Watt PSU. I got smart and photographed at the connections before I yanked the old supply. The new one fits perfectly. There are only two power connections on the GX270 mobo, so hopefully everything will work. Now to plug it in. If the Radeon 9200 works, I can install one or two SATA drives.
  10. Good luck
    I hope that solves the problem
    let me know how you made out
  11. Well, another chapter in this saga. When the ATI Radeon 9200 AGP 8x card is installed, the computer will not boot. When it is removed, the comp boots. Latest bios, drivers, etc. As I wrote earlier, the card works fine in another PC with AGP. Suggestions?
  12. Still nothing. Should I try another AGP card? Another brand as in nVidia? Say the heck with it and suffer with onboard Intel? I put in the original mobo but same results.
  13. Solved the problem. Got rid of the ATI card and inserted an older nVidia GeForce2 MX. Works like a charm. Either the ATI card was counterfeit (misspelling on box, no UPC) or Dell & ATI don't play nice together.
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