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Im having a problem with my 6990... my cataylst center states its at like 250 mhz.. i cant change options in overdrive i have a i7 and a msi 6990 and in afterburner it doesnt detect what drivers their on and stuff and it says its 880 mhz even tho its like not on the second switch to make it faster... also when i go to overdrive area even though enable overdrive is on i cant do anything its all greyed out please help! I have a i7 870 thanks for help in advance.
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    1st, when you aren't in a 3D game, the clocks are set to idle and they are much lower than their 3D settings. 250hz core and 150hz memory is the standard clocks. There is nothing wrong with that.

    2nd, to be able to enable the overclocking abilities, you must first click on the lock icon near the top of overdrive, then click on the checkbox to enable overclocking.
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