New to wireless, will this router deliver for my needs?

Ok I am switching from all ethernet to wireless/ethernet, I have a PS3 and 2 Windows Desktop computers which I would like to keep wired, however my Ipod and my sister's laptop I want to be able to have have wifi. After reading a few articles from PC mag, I landed on this router(link below), will I be able to connect my moden via the internet hub with a ethernet cable then use the 3 of 4 ethernet ports to run all my wired computers and PS3 and then be able to connect to the wifi still with my phone and the laptop? The reason I am confused is because of the Wireless N and all the different types of connections. Will pretty much all devices that have the ability for wireless internet be able to connect to the Wifi, can I buy a cheaper wireless router and be able to connect to all the devices, I heard dual band connects to almost anything so I figured I would just get that to avoid problems. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.,3253,l%253D238662%2526a%253D238572%2526po%253D2,00.asp?p=n
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