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Ive been noticing something lately that has me a bit worried, and slightly stumped. You all are aware when certain programs that are not compatable with win7 Aero. They will automatically switch off, well ive noticed this happening from just watching movies with windows media player.

Nothing else running, is there any reason why this could be happening. I dont think heat would be a reason, was only 60c when I checked, plz anyone have any insight. I did update to the newest drivers 11.5 today but i didnt run the windows indexing programs. Could this be why?

**also all components are stock timings.**

Intel 2500k
gigabyte p67 mb
hd 6950 11.5 drivers
8gb gskill ram
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  1. If this did not happen before you got the 11.5 drivers, I would roll back to a previous driver and then see whether it sorted or not.
  2. It did happen atleast once before with older drivers, however ironically i have to wonder if i bothered to do the windows indexing then as well. Could that have an affect like this.
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