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my acer aspire computer was being really slow soo i took the ram out of an old pc i had and threw it in my aspire.. it wouldnt boot up just made 1 really long beep for some reason i took out the ram that the acer came with when i put the ram back in it did the same thing wont start up theres power but just 1 really long beep that seams never ending ... ive tried putting it in other ram slots but its still the same long never ending beep .. if anyone had this problem befor with there computer please help me .. KUDOS to the person that has the answer
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  1. Is the RAM from the older machine the same type of RAM. For example, are they both DDR, or both DDR2, or both DDR3? If so, are they the same voltage? either of these have the answer no, then you might have irreparably damaged the motherboard and/or CPU by using the wrong memory. Also, did you forget to plug anything back in or plug something in wrong? You might have somehow shorted something out. You could either check your manual for your motherboard and/or the whole computer if it is an OEM computer and see if it specifies what different motherboard beeps mean for it. I don't know the beeps very well myself, so I couldn't tell you what that one is, although if I had to guess, I'd say that it's probably a dead motherboard.
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