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I have the HIS HD Radeon 6870. It's a great card and it's pwned everything I've thrown at it.

Only thing is, it seems like it's getting hot. I have good airflow in my tank too (Antec 300, back 120mm, top 140mm, front 2x 120mm) .

This is only my second build, so I don't have a lot of background on GFX cards and I can't find anything on the HIS website.

I'm getting about 60-65c under full load (BC2 maxed). Thoughts?
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    That doesnt seem to be bad at all, as I know for a fact my 6950 creeps well into the upper 70s and I think it tinged 80 the otherday after a long session with bc2. That was when the turbo hairdryer kicked in and went to town. But from what i understand its all nrmal these card run hot, if its under 90c your good to go.
  2. I like to stay in the 60s, tho Ive had cards running 90s.
    If you can stay in the 60s youre fine, 70s ok also, but thats also heating up other parts as well
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