Sandy Bridge or Ivy

i'm buying a corei3 2330M laptop.

it'll fit all my need like internet, video, music and small games.

but i've heard that ivy bridge is coming out soon.
so when will it come out? (approximate hehe).

so i want to know is that, what's the difference between ivy bridge and SB. (anything known about IVB till now)

should i wait for IVB or just buy SB (if not much so difference in spite of name and model)

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  1. if you are only doing internet, video, music and small games. then sb will be fine--if you look about you may even get an i5 for your budget as there are plenty of special offers available
  2. i3 and i5 just differ by base clock and Turbo. what more, plz let me know?

    also, i want to know about IVB over SB.

  3. Intel's i3 is a dual core, while the i5 is quad core. If all you're doing is the things listed, then the SB system will be fine... however, when IVB drops, the SB line may be cheaper??? That I'm not sure of, but it's possible.
  4. heres the technical bumf plus an estimated difference in performance
  5. right now ivy bridge is non-existent but it promises quite a lot - stronger igp, configurable tdp, higher clock speed, better ultrabooks, native pcie 3.0, usb 3.0 support, sorta thunderbolt support, more sata iii ports and so on. But, it is still untested, unreviewed so all the info is based on news and assumptions.
    remember the greatness of sandy bridge cpu launch and the subsequent cougar point biznes. remember how bulldozer performed after all the hype and expectations.(i skipped how llano performed because i like llano more than i like bulldozer)
    right now sandy bridge is tested, worked out, working.
  6. And after Ivy there will be even better Haswell... If Intel does not screw up... but I don't think so...
    So there is allways better coming guite soon... Think what you need and just grap it when you need it.

    I am going to build new HTPC and I am not in hurry, so IVY would provide even better CPU for that purpose... I know that I want to have desent GPU power and very low power usage. IVY GPU is not too good, but it is better than Sandy version (a little bit) and it should be good enough for HTPC use... if Intel can get their drivers right... *sigh* Most propably I have to buy GPU from AMD or Nvidia in anyway...
  7. 2380925,4,923416]Intel's i3 is a dual core, while the i5 is quad core.

    That is not correct for mobile CPUs since the OP is interested in buying a laptop.

    All mobile Intel Core i3 and i5 CPUs are dual core CPUs. The only quad core mobile CPUs are the Core i7 with the "QM" designation. Core i7 with only a "M" designation are dual core CPUs as well.
  8. Regarding Ivy Bridge...

    Since the fabrication die size is reduced to 22nm you can expect higher clock speeds. There are minor tweaks that should make the CPU core a little more efficient. Meaning at the same clock speed, Ivy Bridge should be a little faster than Sandy Bridge. Probably an increase of 6%, but we will have to wait for benchmarks next year.

    The biggest improvement will be the integrated graphics core. Ivy Bridge's IGP performance is expected to be about 60% better than the current Intel HD 3000; at least that is Anandtech's early estimate. The Intel HD 3000 is marginally better than the desktop Radeon HD 5450. The means Ivy Bridge's IGP performance will probably be halfway between the desktop Radeon HD 5550 and HD 5570.
  9. Hmm... Did not know that about the i3 & i5's in laptops. Please disregard my last comment about the i3/i5 cores. (learn something new everyday on this site lol)
  10. i think the above opinion are mainly based on the desktop version.
    for laptop, pci e 3.0 and more sata port are not that useful.

    tunderbolt and native usb 3.0 may be beneficial.

    but the laptop i'm aiming to buy also have one usb 3.0 port (i don't know what chipset it's using)

    may be better IGP and better clock to clock performace is also good imporovement.

    so 1. when will ivy bridege come out ? (on paper)
    2. what's the advantage of mobile dual core i3 vs dual core i5.

  11. 1. q1 2012, around march-may
    2. core i5 has turbo boost, slightly higher clock speed, higher igp turbo boost, higher power consumption, faster performance. core i3 has no aes-ni(the desktop ver.), no cpu turbo.
  12. so the igp of core i3 2330 M and i5 2410 M the same?
  13. myowaiwin said:
    so the igp of core i3 2330 M and i5 2410 M the same?

    yes. they both have hd3000 igp, all intel laptop processors except pentiums and celerons have hd3000. you can check that yourself on the wikipedia link that mcnumpty23 linked or on intel's website.
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