Using a physX card as a sound card?

Hello all!

I just build a new computer a few days ago and am looking for some advice on what to do with the sound.

Mobo: Asus p8z68-v pro
Gpu: EVGA GTX 580 3gb
Receiver: Denon AVR-890
TV: Samsung 40" Led

I would like to run video directly to the TV and sound directly to the receiver. I am currently running sound via optical cable but am unhappy with the 2 channel output. I have tried for hours to get the HDMI port on the mobo to send sound (with and without HDMI audio in bios) with no luck.

So I an now trying to send sound through my PhysX card, which does work and outputs 8 channels. However, the only option I have is to extend my desktop, which is not really viable since there is no display hooked up to the receiver. I am trying to find a way to duplicate my desktop to the receiver and just lower all the graphic setting as far as possible.

I could really use some help.

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  1. I don't know about using a physX card as a sound card, but what you're probably going to want to do if get something that can encode 5.1 over your optical cable.

    You'll want to get a sound card that can encode DTS connect or Dolby Digital Live. Both are 5.1 format. HDMI would probably sound better (as it has more bandwidth) but optical isn't bad. It's going to end up costing you $80 for a card. You'll want either a Asus Xonar Dx, or a Creativelabs X-fi titanium. Don't get anything more than $80, it's a waste.

    I have an x-fi titanium and I've tried this. It took me a awhile to finder the encoder settings, but it works.

    Duplicating the video just to get sound seems problematic at best.
  2. why aren't you using the 580's hdmi output? you are using the 580 as the output? using virtu so that everything is pumped through the 580 and not the igpu?
  3. Yes, I am using the 580 as video output. and currently have igpu disabled. I think I may try and connect both the TV and receiver to the 580 and clone my desktop.

    Previously, I had my video card going to my receiver then the receiver to the tv. However, I play a lot of online games and have noticed a difference between sending the video through the AVR compared to directly to the TV. When it passes through the AVR games feel "laggy", almost like an increase my latency. I know that it my latency is not actually increasing, but it is the best way I can describe i
  4. ^^ Depending on the output format, bitrate, and the like, its possible the AVR/TV is doing some audio conversion. I actually had a simmilar problem where DOSBOX was configured to output 22000 KHz audio, and my TV was trying to upmix to 44.1, adding a ton of delay. [Solved the problem by doing the conversion in Windows]

    Just use the HDMI on the 460, make sure the bitrate is set to 44.1/48 KHz, and you should be fine.
  5. I see, you want to send audio to your amp, and video to your tv from the different cards?

    HDMI Splitter? would that do the trick? the problem i see with using the 460, is that surely it would also be rendering the scene if you are cloning desktops, and therefore could you end up with sync issues? but a splitter just takes the signal two ways, one to the amp and one to the telly. If i've understood what you are trying to do.

    does it still feel laggy if you turn off any upscaling etc. on the amp?
  6. Yes, with all upscaling turned off it still feels "laggy".

    Humm, an HDMI splitter... will that not create the same feeling of "lag" that sending the signal through the receiver?
  7. i'm thinking if you send one stream directly to the tv and one directly to the amp. there shouldn't be anymore lag than sending just directly to the TV. you might lose audio synch by 50ms or so, but for a game that should not be a problem. for watching content watch it through the amp so that yo can delay the sound to match, and with content lag doesn't matter so much.

    See if you can find one from a shop with a good returns policy.
  8. That 460 is a waste as a physx card in there.
    Send the audio through your 580 via hdmi.
  9. Thank you guys very much for your help.

    The best solution I have found so far without buying anything new is connect both the TV and receiver to the 580 and clone the display.

    I ran some 3dmark 11 tests and that configuration tested the best.

    gnomio said:
    That 460 is a waste as a physx card in there.
    Send the audio through your 580 via hdmi.

    Ya I know that the 460 as a physx card is a waste but it is left over from my old pc. I may sell it and use a 260 I have laying around for physx.
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