Difference between core i5 and core i7

I have a 13" MACbook pro with 2.53 ghz corei5 processor 4MB ram. I want to move to a MACAir 11" with 1.8 ghz Intel core i7 4mb ram shared L3 cache. what do i loose in going to the MAC air 1.8 ghz core i7 if anything.
I use Aperature, MAC Office, DVD editing with loaded hard drive with video and jpegs.
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  1. Nothing... you only gain by moving to i7!
  2. The i5 is last generations' architecture, is rated at 35w, 2.53ghz, turbos to 3.06, and has the hd 2000 graphics. The i7 is the newest architecture, is rated at 17w, 1.8ghz, turbos to 2.9, and has hd 3000. Both are dual core with hyper threading.

    Is it worth it? I don't think so. The i7 is better(only slightly) but unless you moved to a quad core like the new macbook pros have, it's really not much of a performance difference.

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