Very odd, isolated PC crash/reboot-freeze

Hey guys, in the interest of time I'll keep it short. Was playing a game on my still fairly new machine (just a few months old) when out of the blue the screen flashes a few times, then the machine shuts down, then reboots. Upon rebooting, it makes it all the way through to desktop, then as it's loading the first few icons, it freezes. I'm forced to do a hard shut down. When I power it back on, I get lights and sound indicating that the power supply and cooling fan are running, but I see no lights corresponding to hard drive, and I believe the light corresponding to the disk drive was dormant as well. I performed another hard shut down, and powered on again, only to find the same results. I shut it down, and my wife, on a whim, pulls the power cord from both wall, and the back of the machine, then plugs them back in. It worked, and I was back up and running, but understandably wary of future events. Any ideas what could have caused it? PSU? Ram? Hard drive? Video Card? I'm stumped. Any help is appreciated.

My Specs: HP Pavilion Elite w/AMD Phenom Quad 945 at 3.00 Ghz
Windows 7 64 bit (SP 1), w/ 8 gb Ram
I wish I could recall the PSU make and model, could retrieve it if needed.
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  1. Really frustrated with this. My system has run fine up to this point, and have run this particular program, along with other more intensive programs in the past with no problem. In fact, earlier that day I had run this particular game for some time with no issues. I boot it up at the end of the day for another session, and that's when I experience the flash and forced shut down and reboot. After I posted this I tried to recreate the same conditions that caused the problem, and sure enough, about 15 minutes into play it flashed once to a black screen, then force shut down. I had switched of automatic reboot so it gave me a BSOD this time, with a stop error of 0x0000001e. Upon another reboot it gave me the option to do a repair boot and roll back to a recovery point. I haven't had any problems since, though I haven't tried to run the game again, so who knows. The only thing that had changed with my machine between the two sessions of play was a Windows Defender Update. Had run a CHKDSK the day before simply out of curiosity, and it came up with no errors. Also found that the side of my case facing the wall and out of plain sight had gotten dust caked on the vents, so cleaned that up as well, though I cant imagine that would be the issue. I know you guys would probably prefer other error codes and readouts, but I'm still a layman, so would need direction. Again, any help would be appreciated, as I don't even know where to start with this!
  2. A clogged up PC can overheat and that can cause weird issues.
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