Tom's 2011 Gaming Graphics Charts & Gigabyte 560 Ti

Kind of a off question here but didn't know where to go.

In Toms GPU 2011 charts the benchmarks show the Gigabyte Windforce GTX 560 Ti out performing or keeping up closely with 6950's, 480's, & 570's,123.html

I realize Gigbyte O/C's these 560's to 900, 950 & 1000 MHz

Since there are three cards with three clock speeds, and there is no author on the article, I was wondering if the mods here knew how to find out which clock freq was of the card tested?

I didnt want to use some "contact us" email of a corporate guy in Tom's ad sales by mistake.

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  1. The link for the card (Tiger Direct) is for the 900 MHz card, though that may just be a function of the price grabber utility built into the page.
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