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Electricity and slow bios boot

Last response: in Components
October 19, 2011 3:58:39 PM

Hello there, I have a problem with my pc. I noticed it yesterdays although I think it happened already for some time. When i start up my pc I don't hear the beep almost instantly like in the past but I w8 for 20 seconds or so, after 20 sec I hear the beep and I see the bios letters. I tried to reset the bios through the setup settings, enable quickboot, and I removed all the cables, pressed the power button for 15 seconds and the put them up again. The problem didn't solve. They told me to open up the case and see if everything is alright, maybe something had moved a bit. And the I noticed the second problem, the back and the base of the pc case has electricity, I touched it with my hand and i got zapped, and it wasnt just static electricity, because it was a bit strong. I closed the PSU with a small button at the back but the electricity was still there. So i removed the cord and waited for some time. I cleaned the dust from the case, checked if ram, graphics are all right in their place and I put it all back again. When I started the pc again it still waited on bios for more time than before. And there is electricity at the back of the case again. I decided to close it, I don't want to burn anything accidentally so I use my netbook to write this. I dont have any more PSUs or cords so I will get it to a techician to check this, I just wanted to hear any opinions about that is the problem. Thanks.
October 19, 2011 4:44:32 PM

Hello sotsiak, welcome to the forums.
Motherboards now adays is very well shielded compared to in the good old days(you don't hear electricity noise anymore)

for some reason it sounds like either your motherboard was installed without distancing screws or something else is touching the tower, which is NOT good. Don't turn it on before you find out what is causing you to get a shock from the tower, or it could be fried pretty quickly + you could get hurt. :ouch: 

unfortunately there is no way of checking if your motherboard was installed without the distancing screws without removing it, which means disassembling all the hardware from the tower more or less.

I hope you figure it out soon enough, good luck.
a b ) Power supply
October 19, 2011 9:25:13 PM

Ewww. I thinking theres something wrong with your power supply or the ground circuit in your house.