Inwin Dragon Rider vs HAF 932 Advanced

Which has better airflow? Is there a better case than both of them? My price limit is $180
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  1. Both cases look good. Now some info about cooling/quiet. When I started building I thought "multiple fans are the way to go." That is until I found some research that showed that rational airflow kills cross-current cooling in both efficiency and quiet. Multiple fans blowing from all directions cause airflow eddies, which merely recirculate the heat. The best airflow is a single rational path. Most modern cases reflect this by taking air in from the front bottom and exhausting from the rear top.

    Another design for efficient cooling is the mesh case that allows ambient air intake from around the entire case. You still need fans to blow out the heat, but mesh cases don't limit intake.

    Quiet cases use larger fans which can circulate larger amounts of air with lower fan speed. You can mod out any case with quieter and more efficient fans.
  2. When I was looking at cases I went with the 932 Advanced, and am very happy.

    I feel that the quality on the HAF is a better build as well.

    In regards to what he ^ was saying about airflow, it is very true. I have my front and bottom set to intake, and my top / back / side set to exhaust. The amount of mesh screen on the case is really helpful for extra airflow, no problems there.

    btw Chester, love the pem.
  3. K, thanks guys
  4. I'm currently modding a W/c Dragon Rider,
    I've removed the mesh and fan, turned it into an acrylic window,
    moved the 'front' panel from the top to the side door,
    added an extra fan at the front behind drive bay covers blowing onto the res
    and made a roofbox to hold wires/fancontroller (knobs are mounted through the top) and have an xspc Rx240 rad on the top,
    I'm waiting on my two T-virus resses to arrive and can mount those up in front of the 240,
    and moved the psu filter mesh to outside and underneath the case
    I'd like a 932 to mod at some point but the DR has been a great case to work with so far,
    take a look and hopefully get some ideas for yourself to use :)
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