Custom Build System freezes

I somehow have been able to register and very much relieved.. partially though.. :)
Posting my problem once again..

Rig Config: Intel i5 2400
Mobo: Intel DH67BL-B3
RAM: 1x3GB DDR3 @1333mhz. Dynet Brand

OS: Win7 (64 bit)
No updates been performed on the OS as i just assembled the rig.

Problem Being faced:-
My system freezes at times, esp while playing flash based games.. or simply while browsing. This freezing problem is random but surely while i am working on it. I leave the comp for downloading torrents in std by mode and it works fine wen i am gone. Freezing issue is absolutely randomly observed.
Is this due to the fact cuz i have 3 sticks of RAM installed ??

Pls do help me guys.. Important office work held up.. :(
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  1. I'd take a guess and say that you might have a bad stick of RAM. Are they all the exact same model with the same speed and timings? In principle, 2 sticks will run a bit faster than 3 (dual-channel vs. single-channel), but it shouldn't cause freezing.

    Try booting with 1 stick in the first slot and change sticks - you might be able to identify any problems and isolate it to one stick.
  2. Hi..

    Yea, all the sticks are the exact same model with the same speed and timings.
    I checked with the individual stick.. everytime the system booted fine.

    Now what guys ? :(
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