Wired bridge from wireless bridge, possible?

I'm wondering if it's possible to create a wired bridge on an old wired router connected to a laptop. What I've currently got set up is a bridge between my laptop and a non-wireless capable Xbox 360, but what I'd like to do is first connect my laptop to an ethernet router and then to the Xbox and a non-wireless printer. The router is from 2004 so there's pretty much no software support out there. I've tried out a configuration with the ethernet cable running from the laptop's ethernet port to one of the lan ports on the router (not the WAN or modem input), and I've also tried running the cable to the WAN/modem input on the router. In neither case is my Xbox able to connect to the internet or the laptop. Am I going to have to break down and purchase a cheap $20 wireless router to convert to a wireless bridge, or could I create a dual bridge with the two unoccupied ethernet ports on the new desktop I'll be putting together in the next week?
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