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Hey all ive got a Gigabyte GA-H77-D3H-MVP motherboard and wanna update my drivers and bios but thing is idk which region to download it from because im australian im not sure to either download them from europe or american or china because it would have to be where my motherboard was manifactured i dnt wanna go and download drivers for another GA-H77-D3H-MVP motherboard from a different region ive only had this pc for a week and just fixed my video card issues but their are new motherboard drivers just released on the 12th of this month so any australians got any gigabyte motherboards that can help me or any 1 know they have the answer to my question i really wanna get these new drivers updated
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  1. No matter from where you download. All driver is same. Just use Asia region for your driver download.
  2. mubin is right. There is no difference in the bios or driver downloads from region to region.
  3. so no matter which server i download the bios from if its from china asia america europe taiwan its all the same bios and shouldnt affect my motherboard or system ? and if so and its not the bios then what is causing the lag ive run a memory test a hardload test a pc mark test nothing seems to be not functioning and yet i still get lagg sometimes
  4. That's right about the bios being the same.

    If it's not the bios, there are other things to investigate. It'll come to me.
  5. ok just tell me some things to do i mean i thort it would of been the F3 bios update since that update has something to do with the cpu so thort maybe the update did something and the cpu wasnt performing so good but who knows its a mystery to me
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