ASUS Sabertooth P67 FAN won't fit!

Real simple:
Bought an EVERCOOL FAN-EC5020M12CA 50mm Case Fan for my ASUS Sabertooth P67 board.........neither the screws that came with the fan or the ones that were already in the board work.
According to one review I need M 3 x 30mm screws to make this thing fit....but I can't find them at any of my local hardware stores and looking online took me to some iffy sites.

Any ideas guys?
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  1. What's wrong with the included screws that makes them not work? Case fan screws are usually self-tapping machine screws. Meaning that there are no threads in the receptacles when you start turning them, and you have to use alot of forces to get the screws to create a thread or groove an the receptacle as it goes in.
  2. Sorry....not enough info I guess.
    The Sabertooh P67 motherboard by ASUS has a port built into the thermal armor that covers the board that allows for the installation of a small 50mm fan to help better circulate cool air against the board.
    The screws that hold the lid to that port in place are too short and the ones that came with the fan are too thick.

    That clear things up better?
  3. Ahhh, I see. Wish I had a recommendation for you, but I guess Asus went with a nonstandard screw size.
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    I get those size screw from my local hobby shop. If you have an RC shop nearby, try them. I found these at Grainger
    I have shopped through them quite a few times
    And my link didn't work right but they have about 8 options for M3x30
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  6. C12Friedman said:

    Of all the...... O_o it would be something totally off-the-wall like that wouldn't it. -_- lol
    Leave it to ASUS. Great products but sometimes they make you scratch your head a little.

    Thanks for the tip! There's a couple hobby shops around but I never DREAMED to look there.
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