Asus p6x58d-e and Haf932

Okay so after having my computer shutdown randomly for the past week and then just flat out refuse to boot I did some tests.

It started with shutdowns, no freeze, no bsod, nothing. Only thing I could see was the usual kernel 41 63 critical in event viewer. After a day or so of that, my computer refused to power up. I would press switch on the power supply to active, the motherboard power LED would light, I press the power button on my case, the led at the front lights up for about 0.5 seconds, fans start to spin, then it flashes two or three times and stops attempting to power up, it won't try again unless I pull the plug/turn the psu off until the power led goes out on the mobo.

So I took out the power supply, stuck a paper click in it and a fan to test if it was generating power properly, it worked. I took out everything except the cpu cooler and left it connected to the fan header, it wouldn't get power still. I then removed the motherboard from the case and put it on a stack of paper to test for grounding issues in the case, it powered up and the fans/dram led were on, so obviously grounding is an issue.

I put it all back in the case after making sure there was no extra screw things on the case that were touching the mobo, it all seemed above board. I plugged literally every cable/ram stick in one at a time and turned it on/off to test what the issue was. I got everything in and it was fine until I plugged in the 2xusb front panel connectors and the ie13994 cable, after I plugged those in, it wouldn't power again, I had to take all 3 out, take out the 8 pin motherboard power cable and 24 pin atx cable, plug them back in and it would power again. Now I have it up and running with those 3 cables not in. It seems weird for this to happen as I built this system over a year ago and have had it running perfectly ever since (minus my hx1000w power supply 24pin atx connector melt a pin which I rma'd and got replaced) up until about a week ago when this started happening.

I'll leave it on for the next 24 hours as literally I haven't been able to play games/browse the web for longer than 5 hours without it shutting off to see if it has fixed it. But I wanted to post here and ask if anyone has had similar issues and/or if this sounds likely to be the problem and if just leaving them out is a good permanent fix, or if it's something else totally and just a coincidence it is now on.

Full system specs is:
HAF 932 case
Asus p6x58d-e mobo
i7 920 bloomfield @stock cpu
6gb (3x2gb) corsair dominator 1866 ram
noctua nh-d14 cpu cooler
evga 480 gtx gfx card
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  1. I have heard about grounding issues with the early HAF series cases, so I think it is pretty likely you have found the problem. I think you should contact Cooler Master to see if you can get a replacement case or some other solution from them.
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