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Can I power it?

Cpu - I5 2500k OC 4.4ghz
Cooler - Hyper 212 plus
Mobo - ASrock p67 Extreme4
Ram - 2 4gb Corsair Vengeange 1600
HDD - WD velociraptor 600gb
PSU - Corsair HX 850watt
- Creative Sound blaster X-fi titanium

Wanting to run 2 EVGA regular gtx570s in SLI. Can it do it?
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  1. Thanks for the reply. It looks like I only have about 75 watts to play around with, having everything at max load. Would having both the CPU at 4.4ghz, and overclocking the 2 570's throw me over the max? Luckily I have a quality brand PSU on my side. . .
  2. Gaming load total system overclocked I7 LGA1366 556watts with 2 x GTX570 in SLI (from my link) don't look at the Furmark load which is nothing you see in normal use! You have plenty left for overclock!
  3. Appreciate the info! I don't understand why some of the similar builds to the one I want have 1000 watt+, must be for future expansion.
  4. people tend to over do on PSU's which is a good thing when you have a crappy one but not as important with a quality one like yours which is better than many 1000watts on the market.
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    Remember that all power numbers are given at the wall, assuming the power supply they tested with was 90% efficient at that load(it was likely less), that 773 W at the wall is only 0.9*773 = 695 W from the power supply itself, and as rolli said, that is an unrealistic worst case scenario you will never see so you have plenty of head room left over.

    The 1kW units are for people who over estimate and just want it to have it, the HX 850 will handle any dual GPU setup just fine.
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