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Intel DH67BL with 3rd gen. Compatability

HI. I just want to know that can i5 3570k works with my board. Currently I have DH67BL and i3-2100 which is also FCLGA1155 and i5-3570k is also FCLGA 1155. Will this work for me or I have to update bios? Thanks in ADVANCE.
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  1. This board supports the 3rd generation i processors with a bios update to the latest bios.

    See here:
  2. WHAT??? I5 3570k with that crapy board you are wasting your money, 3570k is beast cpu and is design for OVERCLOCKING where as that board doesn't allow OC'ing so that is a very worst plan you are making. If you can't afford for new board then get the i5 3450 which is non K version can fits your needs.
  3. I will not overclock it. I want to be future proof.
  4. After updating to the latest BIOS, your board supports 3rd gen i5 CPU's. Also since you motherboard doesn't support any major overclocking, you may upgrade to a non K version of core i5 cpu's K edition simply means unlocked one with such CPU's you can overclock very high. So avoid the K edition of i5 CPU and save some money.
  5. future proof? then you need z68 chipset.
  6. whats the procedure of updating bios???
  7. I am not able to do this process, it seems very difficult for me. Any chances of any damage???
  8. is it worth to upgrade from i3 to an i5 for gaming no matter 2nd gen's i5 2500???
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    Going from an i3 to an i5 will make a noticeable difference in gameplay. It is a worthwhile upgrade. Just get an i5 2500, then there's no need to update the BIOS.
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