How to remove static noise from video card

There must be someone that really knows how to remove the static noise on my speakers generated by the video card of my computer, when i disconnect the monitor cables, the static disappears, so i know the source but i don't know what to do in order to eliminate the static. Any suggestion? Thanks!
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  1. If your video is VGA (analog), you could try a cable that is better shielded.
  2. Make sure u push the jack all the way in!

    Lots of people had this problem : )

    Or try to re-install the audio and possibly the video driver.

    Post some HW info.
  3. Hi gonteran

    I have the exact same problem and have not found a way way to resolve it,
    there is a chance that the interferance is happening between the gpu and the sound card on the motherboard itself. The noise becomes worse when in 3d apps in my case and even worse on the front panel connectors. I have found that turning down the volume on the speakers and upping it in the windows helps. I am still looking into it
  4. I don't think is related to the drivers, in fact, i just installed the last video and audio drivers and didn't resolved the problem, thanks anyway. The noise that i have also get worst when i scroll down a page on the internet or when i maximize or minimize a window, i really don't know what to do...
  5. It could also be poor shielding on your monitor. I've never heard of an Nvidia or Amd card causing that issue. If possible just for a test, move the monitor as far away as possible from the computer. See if the noise gets less intense. Or better yet, try a different monitor... if possible.
  6. Thanks for the tips clutch! :-)
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