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Hi all,

After I set the Turbo Core into 20.0 in the BIOS, I press F10 to save changes and exit. When it restarts, the screen isn't showing up anything and there is a red light was lit on the motherboard. The fans are working and the green light was lit on the motherboard. Every thing is as same as normal except the display and the red light on the motherboard. If you need any specs, please leave a reply 1st as I need to calm down myself too.

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  1. Take the battery out for 30 minutes and put it back in.

    It is a CR 2032 watch battery, it looks like a quarter and should be pretty close to the center of the motherboard.
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    or use the clear cmos button or jumper
  3. Yes and take a few deep breaths and clear yourself first. Before removing the battery shut the system down and switch the PSU to off. Leave it plugged in so if you transfer a static charge the system ground may save you from damage.
  4. Thanks everyone.
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