First time build, need advice

I've never built a PC before, but i've been really interested in learning how to do so. I already have basic knowledge about computers, and have been watching youtube videos on the subject for the past day or so trying to learn some of the basics.

How did you guys go about learning your first time? Also, are there instruction manuals that come with the individual parts that could help with installation if I needed it?

I would appreciate some expert advice for a noobie such as myself. I'm looking to make a computer for ~ $1,000, maybe a little more, and the PC will be used primarily for gaming.

I will have the money in about 6-8 weeks to start ordering, so plenty of time to learn about everything. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Here are our guides from selecting parts to building and yes there are manuals that come with the components that will be helpful!
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