Tuner Card now plays no picture / video (Live TV) only sound.

I have been running ATI Hdtv Wonder 650 pcie in Windows 7 Media Center for months now. Works like a charm.

I decided to upgrade my ATI x1050 graphics card to an ATI HD 4350, and now the TV tuner card will only play the sound from Live TV broadcasts (analog or digital). The screeen is black, but you can hear the audio.

All the latest drivers (and windows updates) have been installed on this machine.

I have since reverted back to my old x1050 graphics card, and everything works as seemlessly as before.

Any suggestions?


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  1. as a possible suggestion they have recently updated their control center to a new amd control center and i know some people have had issues with a few settings. I have no way to confirm this may or may not help you but try this, download just the driver file and try only installing that with the new video card and nothing else see how it functions then. I have run into problems similar to this in the past where the other content with driver packages has actually caused problems in my case it was with hdmi audio. Try it and let me know.
  2. That's the known hardware defect of ATI 650 PCI/PCIE HDTV Tuner.

    You need a replacement card... Then your replacement card will fail the same...

    Then the next replacement will fail the same. And so on ...etc

    ATI replaced my ATI 650 2x excluding the unit i returned to Fry's.

    ITS a BAD HARDWARE. It has nothing to do with drivers or software.. ATI 650 is a bad product. It came out @ $149.99 now its selling at $30 each. I'm surprise it is still in the market with all the HW and SW issues associated with it.

    Buy another HDTV Tuner like Hauppage 2250.
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