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I built my parents a computer. It's my first build. I used a FOXCONN motherboard. Well, they've went through 2 power supplies already in the last 4 months. They are on the 3rd one now. This is the 2nd SeaSonic S12II 380B that is in there. So I think it's something else other than just bad power supplies. Here is the thing: the pc randomly shuts down. Also, when I first built it, and I installed the speakers, the sound didn't work right and the speakers had some kind of buzzing or weird distorted noise. What do you think that is? I bet that is related. I think that is what is doing it. thanks.
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  1. It is most likely a grounding issue, is this built in a dell or HP case?
  2. Dell case. Yeah, I think so too. Can I buy some kind of rubber washers at Best Buy or a computer store? Or what do you recommend. I'm going to take the computer apart and re-assemble it.
  3. Hi rolli59. I was on here about a week or two ago talking about random shut downs. Well, it happened again. Another random shut down. The speakers have a horrible distortion on it. I think I need to ground it somehow. I told my parents to shut it off and unplug it for now so it doesn't burn through another power supply.
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    I have heard in the past that some OEM cases have strange way of grounding the motherboard hard to duplicate when swapping motherboards.. It must be the case here maybe the simplest solution is an inexpensive case.
  5. Ok...maybe I'll try a different case. Also, about the peripherals on the back where the Internet and monitor plug in, are those allowed to touch the case? How does that work as far as grounding goes? I used the little panel of course that came with the motherboard but I just wondered if those are a risk also with shorting mobo out or psu. Thanks.
  6. They all ground to the case through the I/O shield.
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  8. rolli59. Thanks man. You've been really helpful. You were right. The dell case had some kind of proprietary grounding system. When I took the motherboard off, it had some code on it like A -> B.....and A---> B on the standoffs and bumps so it looks like it was made for a special motherboard to be in there. I put it in a new case with rubber washers separating motherboard from the case and now it works great or so far it does.
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