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Hello everyone. I have a evga gts 450 connected to a samsung syncmaster 2333. Today while playing minecraft my screen began to flicker. Not on and off but the brightness was going up and down quickly. My graphics card is not oc'ed and the monitor is about 1 and a half years old. I am not sure what my problem is. Any input is helpful. Thank you
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  1. Disregard that, mixed stuff up.

    Turn of magic color in the same monitor menu or atleast do not use the option intelligent.
    This is what actually changes your color based on what is displayed on screen and also what might have caused the flicker.
  2. I agree with "Mrsh4dy"; try turning off the magic color if this didn't resolve the issue then if you can, try connect your monitor on an other PC, if the problem persisted,I'm afraid that the problem within you monitor itself (probably the inverter)
  3. it was allready set to off its weird it comes and goes
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