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I'm looking for a wireless router that's known to play well with a PPPoE DSL connection. It'll be connected to an 8-port switch to support hardwired connections in my house. (I think this is the best way to do it, rather than search out an 8-port/wireless setup)

In the past, I've had issues with the DHCP server within Linksys routers not doing very well with PPPoE. Lots of random disconnects and manual reconnects to the point where I just have to disable DHCP and manually enter an IP address on every system.
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  1. Look at some of the higher end Netgear routers. I hate Linksys and will never go back.
  2. We too have recently started seeing more problems with the Linksys series of home wireless routers. Often we have had customers calling that their routers are freezing up and losing internet connection, or randomly connecting and disconnecting every few minutes. I would think that this might just be coincidence or even a fluke bad router, but the number of incidences with the same type of router has us moving in a different direction for recommendations.

    We are looking into using ASUS wireless routers, they come highly recommended. So far our experiences have been incredibly good with the ASUS RT-N12/D1 wireless routers, and they have a better wireless coverage area and performance than the similarly priced E1200 wireless routers as well. We have only set up one with PPPoE directly on the router so far, but it has been stable without issues since setting it up.
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