ASUS p5n-e-sli and the ATi and the 5850 Radeon

Ok guys did any one in the end get the 5850 radeon to work on this Mb. I have all but given up with it now so manny having the same issues but there never seams to be a solution to the problem and if some one sujests its a power supply issue i will just from the nearest tree with a rope round my neck :fou:

ASUS just needs to sort out this issue . bios is 14.06 so it not that . if anyone is running this crad on this board plese let me know what drivers and what workaround did you use thanks

any one want a 5850 new unused boxed for good price i hate this card now " days with head under the desk and nothing to show for it it sucks :fou: :fou: :pt1cable:
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  1. i had a 5570 pcie 2.1 version work fine on this exact board. there is a bios update to fix the slow display initialization for this range of ati cards, can sit there for up to 5 minutes before you get a display. Apart from that it should work fine. If you have the latest bios and your psu is not faulty/underpowered and is plugged in correctly, then its probably a faulty card. Also try the other pcie slot.
  2. Knowing that its not a PSU issue, what PSU are you using? You should give full system specs so we know what you have.

    As for selling, I might be interested. It will be about 3 weeks before I have the $$$ however. With references I'd buy if its in the $120-$135 range.
  3. Hi there and thanks, my power supply Just for the graphics card i have the Thermaltake 300w Power Express dedicated pcie xpress power supply with 2 x pcie power leads with a 25A rating on each 12v output ,. and a 450w pc power supply with 2x 12v leads rated 18a each and this only supplys the computer 2x hard drives .cd and CPU not the graphics card . It worked fine with 2 8800gts in sli. and a Q6600 2.4mhz 3 gig ram and the Asus p5n-e-sli Mb

    where are you from you in the USA postage would be very expensive buddy :) :D
  4. That should be enough power. I was mostly checking that you weren't using some "monster" 600W Diablotek PSU. A dedicated PSU for the 5850 should be enough to power the 5850.

    I am in the USA. I also watch used forums and I see the 5850 go for that price all the time. And yes, thats shipped.
  5. you need to learn how to use google this thread shows that there are people with this card working fine with that motherboard. the long delays they are experiencing have a bios update available to fix it.

    ok, so i read a bit more into this for interest sake as i have the same mobo and want to upgrade to a 6850 at some stage. After reading many many threads it seems there are a few people who are running 5850's, 5770's, 6870's, etc without problems, but many are having problems with no apparent solution. Perhaps there are different revisions of the motherboard or its only particular makes of card that have issues... most xfx 5850's seems to be working ok. another long thread on the subject
    It would be nice if there was some conclusion and any advice from anyone who has a p5n-e sli working with a newer ati card. I set my dads pc up with this mobo and a 5570 and it works fine. I did have an issue getting 2x 2gb ram sticks to work and had to drop back to 667mhz. seems like there are also issues with running 4 sticks of ram. Maybe i will just give up and go for a motherboard swap instead of trying to keep ths thing alive. Dissappointing as all i really wanted was a vid card upgrade, my cpu still does the job.
  6. ges it will just have to stay in the box untill i get a new moyherboard . Is therea way to change the motherebord with a compleate reinstall of the operating systerm? any i dears .
  7. I assume you mean without a complete reinstall? As long as the chipset doesn't change (and you have your drives in IDE compatibility mode) then you are ok. To increase the odds of it being successful, before you shut down for the last time remove all drivers like the LAN, Sound, USB, etc. (DON'T reboot after you remove.) Took the old board out and put in the new one. Plug everything in and windows should be ok. It will want to load drivers and reboot a bunch of times, and you'll need to activate it again, but everything should still be there.
  8. ok but my drives are in raid will that be a problem and as for the chipset i dont think i will have another nvida chipset as i think that is the root of the problem ;-(
  9. You have a raid? Time for a new install. A repair install might work, but I've never used one on a RAID machine.
  10. ^ +1 if your using raid then forget it. back up your data and do a complete reinstall from scratch. sometimes switching to a new raid controller can give you disasterous results.
  11. ok thanks, think i will just give the 5850 to the wife and have her 4830 they seam to have no problems running on the P5N-E-SLI board ,and i think the the 4830 would still be a improvement on the 8800gt .I was running a 8800gt in sli but Rfactor did not like it, call of duty did and other shootum ups did but iam a online racer really.. what do you think how much quicker is the 4830 to a single 8800gt
  12. Should be around the same level of performance. The 4830 was AMDs answer for the 88/9800GT.
  13. ^ -agree, i would just stick with the 8800gt.

    I think you should return the 5850 and get a gtx460 or something. I believe you have grounds to return it as your computer meets the requirements on the box yet it does not work for whatever reason. from what I've seen gtx460's work on these boards. But then again, some people run 5850's just fine on these boards too....
  14. Thanks but i yet to see any one post that they have no problem with ATI cards and this Motherboard I will try to contact the shop but as the card is not faulty dont think i will have much luck there .Never mind we live and learn the hard way i guess.

    I will never buy a ASUS product again and will advise anyone to steer well clear, avoid them like the PLague there support Sucks ,and they treat you like ya a dumb ass . there answer is is ya power supply is not up to it or clear cmos or try it in another pc .what a load of S-it

    going to stick it on Ebay as new never used . :bounce: :bounce: :kaola: TO ASUS
  15. Frankly I'd keep the card and ditch the old POS board. Its the boards fault that things aren't working, and unless you want to deal with things that should work but don't in the future you might as well get rid of it now.
  16. just to point you to a thread i have started about this motherboard. i linked another thread in there where a guy is using a 6850 with no issues in that board. maybe return your 5850 for a 6850, they preform similarly. Hopefully ill get some replies to my thread and get some answers.
  17. yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr EUREKA it works i have cracked it lmao i will be posting a work around for the

    P5N-E-SLI and the 5850 it might even work for all the ati series with this motherboard :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  18. Hei keithyboyfrance,

    i ve got the same f*** problem (P5N-E + 5850)- could u post your solution plz ;)

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