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Did a quick search and couldn't find anything so I figured I would ask. I am about to build a new computer and I am thinking of an AMD chipset board (because I am going to use a 1090T). My question is if for some reason I decide to go with a 460 2win for my GPU, will the AMD chipset be able to use both GPUs if they are on a single card? I will probably go with a 6970 but I am also looking at the 460 2win.

I know that a dual GPU card is pretty much SLI but I don't know if the fact that it is only one socket means it can be used on any chipset.
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  1. The dual card is SLI on a card, so it doesnt require motherboard SLI capability which is why they make them, you can run it on a board with a single PCI-E slot or a board with multiples but no SLI support.
  2. So I would be able to run a 460 2win or a GTX 590 on a 890FX chipset board and both GPUs on the card would be recognized?
  3. Yup
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