After installing nvidia drivers my dvd drive stops working

hi all,

gateway p-6831 fx
nvidia 8800 gts
latest driver
windows 7 64 bit. fully updated.

whenever i install nvidia drivers, my dvd drive behaves strangely. while its still found by my pc it no longer functions and constantly spins slowly, if i click on the drive it will lock up windows explorer. then will sometimes disappear from my computer but will still slowly spin..

simply uninstalling nvidia driver, the drive is found installs and functions.
dvd drive works fine in safe mode.

have uninstalled the dvd from device manager 20 times, still won't reinstall while nvidia drivers are installed.

have reinstalled windows, all working until i install nvidia drivers and reboot.

since having the computer i have added a 2nd harddrive. i'm not to knowledgeable with SATA/ATA stuff and not to experienced in messing around in BIOS, so i expect its a setting in there.

any ideas to help would be great thanks..
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  1. sounds like some kind of resource conflict between vid card and dvd drive/drive controller. I would probably start by going into BIOS and reset to defaults. how long has the issue been happening? was there anything in particular you installed/changed when it started happening?
  2. have actually had the problem for a couple of years so i can't really pin point the exact time, the install of the 2nd hard drive could have been the same time, but i had been blaming the ISO programs i used, and then after a few months figured the drive was broken.

    now i know it works as i used it to reinstall windows from dvd.

    will try bios reset.
  3. tried bios reset, no change. even after uninstalling the device.

    tried turning on compatibility mode, it found a few new controllers but no change for the dvd.

    the device will be found and it will try to set it up but in the end it will either say it 'failed' or its 'not connected'

    in my bios the hard drives are SATA1 and SATA2 and the dvd is master/IDE, dvd as master is that right?
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