Will this monitor work in 120hz, If I hook my ps3 with HDMI?

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  1. Yes, if it supports HDMI and 120hz it should work. That sure does look ugly though.
  2. wow, that is one ugly monitor
  3. I don't think it will work, it needs to be hdmi 1.4 to work with consoles.

    I know the newer 27" acer models work with consoles but I don't think this one does.

    Id give acer a call before purchasing just to be sure.
  4. Look for a monitor that use it's own 3D transmitter & Glasses, rather then relying on the NVIDIA Vision and got hdmi 1.4. If its not hdmi 1.4 ps3 wont detect it as 3d
  5. LMAO thats not true... explain how the original PS3 with 1.3 HDMI can support 3D? OR how a 1.3 cable cane support 3D on my setup with the PS3 and Sony PS Display XD. Don't give this guy the wrong info. I find it funny that companies say you have to use 1.4, yet don't explain how a PS3 can mysterious transfer more data via its port which is older than 1.4 technology. Hope this helps as I bought the setup and being a tech thought I would prove its bull and I was right XD
  6. Quote:
    explain how the original PS3 with 1.3 HDMI can support 3D?

    Because HDMI can carry 1280x720 120Hz, but not 1920x1080 120Hz.

    In any case, make sure the TV supports 120Hz INPUT, and isn't simply creating frames in-between two frames from a 60Hz source.
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