Asrock Z77 exteme4 Micro vs not Micro (overclocking)

Hi guys!

I'm putting new gaming rig together but need help deciding the which motherboard to choose.

I'm considering;

Asrock Z77 extreme4 M -
Asrock Z77 extreme4 -

Do you guys know what phasing the mATX version has? is it the "standard" 4+1 I've read about in the phasing sticky in this forum?

And perhaps more to the point, do you have any thoughts about how the mATX version would handle mild OC'ing of an I5-3570K CPU?

I ask because I have to shell out 40$ more for the ATX version where I live and I would like to put those money into a better GPU instead :-)

Any help and suggestions will be appreciated!
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  1. The boards are virtually the same aside from the # of PCI slots. If you just plan on using one GPU then go for the mATX. However the ATX is a bit more future proof.

    Achieving a mild OC (~4.0GHz) is quite easy with the ATX board. I am running a 3570K @4.0GHz very easily with the ATX mobo. I don't see any reason why the mATX would have issues as long as you have proper cooling.

    I don't know much about phasing so take my advice for what it is worth. I am relatively new to the PC world.

    You should check this out.
  2. Thank you for your advise!

    And good link you provide, thanks.
    But could you elaborate a little on the future proof part - I mean, assuming that OC works on the mATX as well is it does on your ATX, and the mATX still being able to 2x Crossfire, what made you go full ATX?

    (I most likely won't go any further than 2 GPU's, the "money stingy" part from your link is kind of spot on ;-)
  3. Future proof in the sense that you can add additional GPUs as games become more demanding or if you decide to get a higher resolution monitor.

    The spacing between PCI-E slots allows for better airflow for SLI/Crossfire. There is also more room for larger CPU coolers in terms of distance from CPU to the first PCI-E slot.

    On Newegg the ATX is actually cheaper than the mATX.

    I did my first build with a mATX mobo which worked fine. However after upgrading to an ATX I just never even thought about going back to a mATX. The larger mobo often allows for more fan connections (rather than resorting to molex adapters), better spacing and thus better airflow.
  4. Ahh, I see - ATX it has to be then!
    I'll rather feel safer future proof and temperature wise, than save a few dollars.
    Thanks a bunch for your help.

    Yes, I know the pricing is weird, but for some reason the mATX prices in Denmark are lower than ATX.
    Unfortunately newegg is not really an option for me due to shipping and taxes.
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