Lan Connection suddently dropped to 10Mbps!!!

Our office computer was running fine yesterday, but this morning when we logged on the network connection speed was only at 10Mps. I have installed a new Gbit nic, installed various different drivers, changed some settings, but it still remains at 10Mps. The other office computer is hooked up to the same switch and internet service and shows 1Gps network connection. Both computers are running Win7 64-bit.

Any ideas why it suddenly dropped to 10Mps?
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    What type of switch is it? Can you set port speeds on it individualy? Did you try swapping ports on the switch? Swap network cables? Move the cable from a working PC to that one see if the problem stays. Move the cable of the PC with the issue to a working on, see if the issue follows the connection.
  2. I will try that next.
  3. I found an old switch. Removed it and everything went back to 1Gps. Thanks.
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