Power Supply hot to touch and making "sparking" noises. Help!


I recently built a new system and I noticed today after trying out a game (Minecraft), my system power supply started to make these weird "sparking" sounds. Sort of like a coarse sand grain hitting the fan and when I turned off the computer to check it out, I felt the power supply and it was really warm. Almost hot.

Is this something I should be worried about? Please help, thanks.
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  1. Does not sound good. Make and model of PSU please?
  2. Antec EarthWatts EA-650 GREEN 650W ATX12V v2.3 SLI Ready CrossFire Certified 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply
  3. Turn off ur computer then. What components do you have attached?
  4. I turned it off already.

    These are the things that are attached.

    Motherboard - MSI Z68A-GD65 (g3)

    CPU - Intel Core i5 2500k Sandy Bridge 3.3ghz

    CPU Fan - COOLERMASTER Hyper 212+

    GPU - Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti (Fermi)

    RAM - G.SKILL 8 GB (2x4gb) DDR3 1333mhz

    DVD/OPTICAL - ASUS 24x CD/DVD Burner

    HDD - Western Digital Black Caviar 750GB
  5. is the power supply fan working? check that.
  6. Do you get any burning smell along with the noise?

    Does not look to good. Looks like your PSU is breathing its last breath! :)
  7. Sounds like a ventilation issue. Time for a spring clean.
    get compressed air and blow your rig and psu clean from any dust
  8. RMA that sucker! I have the same power supply and if it did that to me I would be using my warranty...
  9. change your psu if you have warranty otherwise buy another psu.
  10. Before sending it to the shop, make sure that all things are plugged in right. I remember this happening to one of my older computers, and the only reason it was making that noise is because it was unplugged ever so slightly, and the noise was the sound of the electricity "jumping" about 1cm to reach the metal prong of the socket.
  11. The sound was coming from the Power Supply itself, not any of the connectors.

    Also I'm probably going to return this since I bought it from Fry's. Any suggestions on which new one I should get?

    I'm thinking about the Corsair Enthusiasts Series TX750 or TX850. Sound good?

    Also the fan is working.
  12. The Corsair TX series is good!
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