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Hi guys (and girls) of tomshardware. I've had my 'new' pc for about 4 months now and am very happy with it. But when i video edit using aftereffects and i've done alot of ram previewing my pc goes into what i will call 'major lagg mode' and everything goes unresponsive and it's very frustrating (my ram usage goes to roughly 94%, 20% when first booted - is that normal?) So im seeking to upgrade to 16gb ram (if possible) from the 8gb i currently use just to make my experience smoother, plus ram is 'cheap as chips'. But here's the catch when i built my pc i used a hyper evo 212 plus as my cpu fan, and as you may know the fan is HUGE and covers 1-2 (1 off the top of my head) of my ram slots. Im aware you can move the fan to the other side of the heatsink but would that kill off their air flow in my pc? Any advice to this situation would be usefull, and how i can get as much ram as possible, if i need it that is.

Summary: Is 20% ram load (of 8gb) normal when ive just started my pc and am not doing anything?
Would i benefit from more ram, with the problems im undegoing?
Is it feasible to be able to install just 1 stick of ram extra or to move the fan so i can get all 4 sticks in?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch, Reece.
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  2. It doesn´t seems to be a ram related problem, as 4GB of RAM (8GB recommended) is enough for Adobe AF CS6. What are the rest of your config.?

    As for the Hyper 212 + you can get a low profile ram, or place the cooler fan a little bit higher in the radiator than the normal -- you also can use a dual fan config. for extra cooling.
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