Why am I getting a BSOD when I install ASUS PCE-N15? Can anyone help?

I have ASRock X79 Extreme4-M mobo. All working fine with build until I install ASUS PCE-N15 wireless network card. When I turn on it shows the windows 7 logo for about 10 seconds then goes straight to BSOD. I took the card out installed the drivers and reinstalled the card and it does same thing again. Machine works fine when I remove the card, BSOD when I put it back in? I tried moving my GPU to the second PCI-E slot and installed the wireless card in slot 1 instead of slot 2 but still get BSOD.

Any thoughts?

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  1. The files of the driver may be corrupted or Windows doesnt detect good the card.
    Try to get away from that card and buy another on.

    Good Luck!
  2. I've actually run into the exact same problem with my ASUS PCE-N15. The motherboard I'm using is an EVGA X79 Dark. I've had the same symptoms of the system freezing/BSODing as the operating system was loading. And I've done this on both Ubuntu and Windows 8 Pro. The wireless card doesn't appear to be defective because it works perfectly fine on my Z68 motherboard.

    My conclusion is that the PCE-N15 dislike the Intel X79 chipset.
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