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in my system i've installed a sata 3 SSD and a sata 2 HDD.

Can I put them on the same power cable, so I only need 1 cable?
My sata powercables have 3 connections on 1 cable (after each other with some space between them).
Or is it best to use different cables when you have spare cables and not use the free connections then?

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  1. the 1 connector is fine. if its got 3 connectors its fine to plug 3 sata devices (ROMS & HDD's) onto it.
  2. All the drives are low power so they can share cable which improves cable management and airflow.
  3. Ok. I'm gone put my ssd and hdd to 1 cable.
    Thanks for the info.
  4. My power supply comes with about 4 of the same plug on one wire. If yours has that too, then it should be find to do so.
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