Can I get some feedback or advice on this server build?

I need a server built that can support 10 workstations for a small dental office. We had someone configure this and here's what he came up with..

Intel Xeon Quadcore 2.4/2.6 GHZ with Intel Serverboard
4GB DDR3 ECC 1033 MZH Memory 1156 8MB Cache
2PCS. SATA 1TB Enterprise Hard Drive with Raid 1
Server Towercase with 600 Watts Power
Intel Graphics Onboard Video Accelerator
Keyboard/Mouse/500GB External Backup

Does that sound sufficient ? or should we go with something prebuilt from Dell.

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  1. Is this just a file server or is it going to be supporting a web page or something of the nature as well?

    if it is a file server i wouldn't suggest RAID 1 for a file server, get a third drive and do raid 5, which uses parity (basically the computer uses 1+0=1, if it loses one part of the equation/one drive, it can figure out what it was supposed to be. Think algebra.)

    Since it uses one drive to calculate the parity, you will lose the size equal to 1/3 of the array, and all drives must be the same. You will have 2Tb if you get another Tb drive or you could get 3 500's and have the size you have now. It would be good for a price comparison.

    Might bump that up to 8Gb too depending on how heavy your use is.

    not really sure why you only have a 500gb for your external backup, however. I'd either go with a 1tb or just do cloud-based.
    other than that it looks okay to me.
  2. If its just going to be a file server then powerwise it should be fine. Dont forget your UPS though!
  3. thanks for the quick responses.. I forgot to mention, it will be mainly used as a file and print server.

    "We use a dental practice management software package called Dentrix that is basically a database that the workstations get info from and display it, all our records are electronic, all the x-rays are digital, paperless charting. So reliability is important,

    So is dual CPU overkill, vs using something like a single quad core sufficient since the server isn't running any applications beyond the Dentrix database and a SQL database for the digital images? I don't want to have to upgrade again for at least a couple of years (probably 5 or so). Is a faster single processor better for database access vs multiple processors at a slower speed? Or should I even care?"
  4. dont worry about it. The rig you listed is perfectly ok for your needs. and like you said you dont want to have to upgrade for a few years so overkill in this instance is a good thing. but dont forget your UPS!
  5. yeah the single processor you have listed will be fine for a 10 PC setup, A file server will mostly be about the speed of the drives, which is why a RAID 5 would be better as well (2 drives writing data instead of one) and it would seem to be fully capable.

    As finn said, grab a UPS and I'd reccomend Raid 5 and see what the price would be on 8 gigs of ram (i'm not sure if they're using 2 sticks of 4 or 4 of 2 or what but i know that ECC ram is fairly expensive)
  6. would a hardware controlled RAID card be necessary? or would the onboard "fake" RAID be sufficient?
  7. I'm thinking you'll have so much overhead the onboard will be fine, especially on an intel board.
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