Urgent, mid build, plz help!

Putting together my new system. The motherboard is a gigabyte 990fxa-ud3. I have everything in and am not setting up power. I have a corsair tx750 PSU. My problem is it has an eps plug and my motherboard has a atx_12v. Am I boned for now? Do I need a new psu? I bought the psu after someone suggested it(on these or another hardware forum) and I assumed it would work since it says atx form factor.. Please help, I literally have it it all sitting in front of me and I am starting to get tired D:
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  1. Doesn't the Motherboard have the 8 pin EPS connector on it, pictures of the 990FXA-UD3 clearly shows that it does.

  2. yes it does
  3. NVM, I got it in.. The shapes are different but it still slid right in. I was hesitant to just push down on it because it did not look like it was going to line up. Thank you both.
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