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Hey again. So, I think I've pretty much got everything together with my tower. All that's left to do it to decide on a case in which to fit it, along with whatever additional cooling would be required... unless I missed something, please tell me if I missed something. :p


Intel Core i5-2500k 3.3 95w ~ £163.40

2x MSI r6870 HAWK (10inch length) ~ £270.44

Samsung 1Tb Spinpoint F3 HDD ~ £39.58

MSI p67A-G45 (B3) ~ £87.20

Corsair Memory Vengeance Jet Black LP 8GB 1600MHz ~ £60.19

XFX P1-850S-NLB9 850W Power Supply ~ £75.42

Lite On DVD Writer, IHAS124-19, SATA Black OEM ~ £15.11

£721.83 inc. delivery


Feel free to poke at the what's there, too, if you see something; any corners to cut, or obvious overspending, etc.

I don't really know how much I should spend on cooling (including the case in this). I'm not planning on overclocking the cpu/gpu until I get to the point I need to, and probably never going to overvolt. I'm basically looking for the most cost-efficient cooling solution.

Noise is something I'm on the fence about, since if it passes the 'quiet enough test' I get to put the thing in the living room (hurray!). If that's not practical, then at least quiet enough not to be a bother, when playing with a headset.

Thanks anyway, appreciate any advice. :)
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  1. If youre not overclocking yet then most 'Branded' cases should be completely fine. Here are some suggestions:

    Antec 300 (Cheap, Relatively quiet and decent cooling, looks are a bit lacking.)
    Antec 902 (Excellent build quality and cooling, on the louder side.)
    HAF 912 (Cheap with good cooling, on the louder side.)
    HAF 922/932/X (Great cooling, loads of space, good build quality. on the louder side.)
    Fractal Design Define R3 (Cooling should be ok, very quiet, white one looks awesome.)

    For higher budget quiet cases, try Zalman and Lian Li.
  2. I would have to say that on a budget, Antec 300 as above and add 2 120mm adjustable fans to the front of the case for intake.

    Then if you have more to spend, the Fractal Design Define R3 with 2 extra 120mm adjustable fans would be the best.
    it actually comes with dampening mat preinstalled, so it is probably the best of the bunch above in that sense.
  3. Ah, so the Fractal DDR3 would be good enough? My friends would never let me live the white one down, kept rolling in one at a time and calling it a fridge when I showed them... But I could make something nice of the black version, stencil and spray paint ftw. :)
  4. this case is like the antec 300 illusion cooling wise but it has a little better looks (to me)-
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