Question about new RAM with a new motherboard

Hello, I just recently bought this motherboard

I'm upgrading from an old GIGABYTE motherboard with 4 GB(2x2GB) of RAM in it.

Would I be able to take the 2x2GB sticks out, install them in this motherboard along with this one stick of 4GB( for 8GB of RAM? Or should I just buy 2 sticks of the 4 GB RAM?
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  1. I don't recommend trying 3 sticks of ram on a 4 slot motherboard; some won't post if you use the wrong slots; at least read the memory section of your motherboard manual first; If you can afford it, get the 2x4 gb kit of ram and sell the 4 gb on craigslist; you'll get about $22 for it. 8 gb is plenty.
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