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I have 3 monitors VGA 1360x768 on a radeon 5770 two on DVI/VGA adapters and one on DP/VGA adapter max resolution is 1360x768 on each monitor, Catalyst and Windows 7 can work them at max resolution as duplicates but as soon as I try to configure Eyefinity the monitors go out of range. the device manager sees the 3 monitors as W1946 (LG) but the display panel of windows and catalyst sees the three monitors as 1 LG 1946W and two unspecified VGAs which is weird. is the eyefinity group trying a certain resolution??? also in the "My VGA" section I have changed everything to read "1360x768" on the displays at 60Hz but that does not seem to help. could you explain what is going on as am going mad here
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  1. which dp/vga adapter did you buy?
  2. HP bizlink 1051 HP P/N 481408-003
  3. I can't seem to find info on that model... but anyway the reason I ask is because it needs to be an active adapter. If it's not active then you can only run 2 monitors.
  4. windows 7 runs three displays with no problems at all on this card and this setup, I think the problem stems from the card not detecting the monitors properly and catalyst assuming that they are unknown CRT and when it tries to fire up the eyefinity mode it tries to get all three monitors onto either a frequency or a resolution that is simply not supported, so what is the solution to that? basically I have to make Catalyst control center understand what monitors it is playing with and prevent it from reverting to a basic CRT configuration ...
  5. Most of the time there's monitor drivers you can get from the manufacturer.

    But like I said, I can't tell, but if your DP to VGA adapter isn't Active, 3 monitors won't work. Do 2 monitors work?
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