Can't install any os MOBO problem?

I have a old Compaq Presario S5000CL Desktop PC, I had been receiving a BSOD with all different codes these codes either said faulty driver or RAM defective so what I had done was format my HDD and I tried to re-install Window XP but right when it reaches 2% I get a BSOD again so I had decided to install a Linux but when i install them at the end of installation I get on error I have tried so many different Linux distributions and all do the same. I ran a RAM test using memtest86+ and got 6 passes so I thought maybe my hard drive so I did a test and got passes every time (seagate tools) I did 2 long tests and 2 short tests. So can my motherboard be corrupted? My specs:

Base processor and speed
AMD Athlon(T) XP 2600+ running at 2.133 GHz:
Advanced 266 MHz front side bus
Socket A

Motherboard manufacturer

Hard drive
5400 rpm

PC2700 MB/sec
Type 184 pin, DDR1-333 SDRAM
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  1. Anyone? This is urgent if you know any information please tell me.

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