Is this PSU enough?

Would this PSU be enough?
For a crossfire set-up of this GPU?
Including the usual set-up of a computer build? If you need anymore information just ask, I'll be happy to help you, help me. :) I'm not going to OC anything in my rig simply because I don't want to take the risk that's already there being computer components are two-faced sometimes.
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    links do not work.
  2. Thanks for telling me! Fixed it.
  3. didn't. lol
  4. 6870s are not very power hungry, you could crossfire them on a high quality 650W PSU easily.
    So there is no need for a 1000W PSU and there are some other PSUs around ~$130 I'd prefer to have.
  5. @casualbuilder I think I did now. :P
    @Silvune I actually already have the PSU purchased. The GPU, MOBO, and CPU are the only things I need left for my build which I'll be purchasing exceptionally soon.
  6. At that note, thanks Silvune. :)
    I was originally going to buy a 6970 then thought a 6990 but I knew a 6990 would probably kill my machine if I superclocked it with the little tab thing. Then I thought I'd get 2 6870's because I can almost get double the power for 2 cards instead of a 6970. And seeing as how those 6870's have 2 gig vram. pretty much get the power of almost a 6990, but not close at all. :P
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  7. Personally, i would like to see you get a single 69xx. You wont need 2 cards yet, and you can save up for a 2nd if needed. an HX750 is a great PSU, and will have more than enough for your system.

    for this system, i recommend a ASROCK GEN 3 MoBo with i52500k, or an AMD 960T and ASROCK 990FX board.
  8. Thanks for the help!
    I'm getting this MOBO
    And this CPU
    I didn't want to get the 8150 because a LOT of people say it blowed so I might wait till the 8170 to see if that is any better. Higher stock speed but might not be always better.
  9. I'll get that card instead. Thanks everyone for the help. :)
  10. Great card. If done, please select BEST ANSWER to close thread.
  11. :D @ The best answer I selected.
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