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I bought a retail version of a LG blu-ray optical drive, because it came with blu-ray playback soft ware but the software that it inculdes is just a demo version sure it plays back blu-rays but it is very limited it doesn't let you do much becuse they want you to puchase the full version. Well let me get to the point, what the best blu ray play back software, I have been eyeballing the powerDVD 11 because it is cheap if not the cheapest blu ray play back software ($40), I read some reviews of the pervious version of that software and people say they are dissapointed with it, any others that you guys can reccomend to me would be much apreciated. Keep in mind that I do not want to spend $100 on play back software.
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  1. I own Nero Platinum HD , Power DVD Ultra , and WinDVD Pro all which play blu-rays:

    1-Nero Platinum HD
    2-Corel WinDVD Pro
    3-PowerDVD Ultra

    Here is how i rank them in performance for blu-ray playback ^

    [:aford10:8] to the forum!
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