Replace Antec Gamer 620W with old Antec Earthwatt 650W

I want to find out if my Antec Gamer 620W is faulty in my computer. Can I replace it with an Antec Earthwatt EA-650 that's been running in another computer since 2009? I saw there was 3 rails in the Earthwatt... Am I gonna damage or fry something if I use that one?

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  1. No, the both PSU's will work fine.
  2. Yep you can use the Earth Watts no problem.
  3. rails have no effect on power for most cases. The rails are located before the transformer/multiplier i believe, so you are technically getting the effects of a single rail with your molex/power cables. EarthWatts from Antec are pretty decent PSU's too. No issues at all.
  4. Thanks everybody!

    It worked fine but I still have the same problem

    At least I know the problem is not with my PSU.

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