Is g620 a good choice ?

i am in the process of buying a new gaming pc and my budget isnt big so i have some limitations to my choices my current specs are:

intel DH61WW mobo
500GB western digital HDD
cx420 corsair psu
ATI 6770 or 5750 gpu

i want a low to mid range gaming pc and since i have a shitty display so i dont think if ill be able to play at 1600 * 1200 res.

im thinking of going with a pentium g620 cpu but would like to know if it would be enough for gaming at 720p with highest detail.

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  1. What is your budget? You may be able to get better parts for a cheaper price.
  2. i live in pakistan so we dont have amd here nor do we have online shopping websites like newegg.
    and every component is atleast 15$ more expensive here.
  3. For around 400-500 you can get an i5 machine. But is there a website where you can order from in pakistan?
  4. Honestly, for a 6770, a G620 is probably fine. Intel lowered their prices so you might be able to find the G630 for about the same price soon and the G850 for not much more. At 720p, you could probably also go down a level on the video card (6670 or such) and power supply if money's tight.
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