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Ive just finished building a PC ( I7 2600k , gigabyte P67a motherboard ) , its for music production so the graphics isnt great (radeon HD 5450 , 512mb fanless)

I havent overclocked and am using the stock cooler.

I have one fan running underneath the PSU blowing air out of the case.

I would like to run a test on the CPU to make sure the temps are ok .

I have been reading up on using Prime95 as a good test , but Im concerned about the safety of the CPU , is it ok to run this when Ive not got any aftermarket coolers installed or anything?

at the moment using Realtemp it is running at 31c-33c in windows whilst Idle.

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  1. The stock CPU fan is designed to properly cool the CPU when not overclocked. Although your temps may run high, they should not get too high to cause damage.

    I would suggest putting at least 1 more fan in the case so you at least have airflow, instead of just exhaust.

    From my experience with Pro Tools (I dunno if you are using it or not) the only time you will even start to strain the CPU is if you are using a bunch of samplers. If you are having a problem with your CPU overheating, write your samples to a track, and disable the sampler.
  2. Prime95 and IntelBurnTest 2.52 are the most widely used.
    Yes you're stock cooler will be sufficient for a stock speed cpu testing.
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