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Urgent Memory Decision

Does anyone know if
would work with my GA-MA770T-UD3P mobo (and whether it only works at 1333 or if it can run at 1600) Specifically if anyone knows for sure if any amount of memory from that line will or won't work with it. I know I probably won't get an answer before the $10 off sale ends, so I'll probably end up buying it regardless. I mean I figure memory can't cost that much to ship for refund or replacement.

And if it definitely won't work I guess I'll just grab this
Slower but at least I know it will work. 2 bucks more before MIR (I hardly care about MIR rebates anymore after having been screwed out of about half of them, making the purchase pointless), but 8 bucks less after the rebate.

Edit: Alternatively, there is this if it would work
But I've never heard of the brand, don't know if I would trust it, might be a bunch of binned chip trash.
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  1. Well based on this guys rig (first post) using the 4gb version of it
    I'm going to assume the 16gb will work.
  2. Whether that ripjaws will run at 1600MHz depends on your bios. Do you have a memory tuning section where you can set the speed of the memory?
  3. Yes, I do. So you think that my mobo will be capable of running this memory? I don't mind if it runs at 1333, its just the cheapest reliable 16gb kit I can find right now, and the 1600 would be nice for when I update my mobo, even if I can't utilize it fully on this one.
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    Yep, you should be good to go at 1600MHz with that ripjaws memory.

  5. okay sweet! Thanks, thats a big relief for me knowing that the memory will likely work, since $85 dollars is a pretty big invest me for me lol.
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